I’ve written about Jeremy Shuback and his work at before, so I won’t wax poetic too much. In a continuing effort to work together as much as possible, Jeremy hires me whenever he can to animate on some projects for G-dcast. This past month I helped him with this animation at

A lot of my work these days is in the realm of compositing, either keying green screens, or removing unwanted elements from frame. A quick look at the vfx tab on my site will give you an idea of what I’m talking about. And while I love what I do, it’s rare that I get to flex my animation muscles, so I was very happy that I got asked to work on this project. It’s a fun piece illustrating some of the history behind Yom Kippur and how we used to sacrifice goats as a way of atoning for our sins.

In addition to the fun cartoon, you can anonymously submit your sins, and read the anonymous sins of others!

Check it all out and enjoy.

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