I have some overachieving friends and relatives who think you should do crazy things like set goals for yourself, and make plans for your future. My cousin Alaina recently flat out asked me what my goals for the next year were, and I found myself floundering to find an answer. I’m not really sure where my career is headed, and […]

I’ve been incredibly busy, and so I’ve been completely neglecting this blog. I haven’t updated with any interesting discussion topics, but there are also a lot of projects that I’ve worked on that have been released over the past few months. I can blame my 8 month old son for taking up all of my time, and some might say […]

I’ve written about Jeremy Shuback and his work at before, so I won’t wax poetic too much. In a continuing effort to work together as much as possible, Jeremy hires me whenever he can to animate on some projects for G-dcast. This past month I helped him with this animation at A lot of my work these days […]

Over the past few months I have been incredibly busy, both in my professional career, as well as my personal life. So I have completely neglected to update this site with some work that has been published to the internet! I’ll talk first about the most recent project. It’s a web commercial for Gillette, featuring international soccer players Messi and […]

It’s difficult in this day and age to make and maintain close, genuine friendships. It’s probably even harder to find someone that you gel with creatively. Someone who, over the course of almost ten years, you continue to be not only good friends with, but awesome creative partners. I met Jeremy Shuback in college, and we became friends working on […]

I’ve worked with Michael Berns of Ember Fx for over a year now. Originally I was hired to direct and produce a complex, stylistic, visual effects heavy music video for him. That project took on various forms, and would often sit on the backburner for weeks at a time while we got feedback and tried to figure out what we […]

I struggled to think of a more interesting title for this post, because I really do think it’s an important and fascinating topic. How to get return business. And to keep it all topical, how to get return business in the entertainment industry. It’s important to note that, while I currently work for a small visual effects company, and am […]

Recently I went to see the Stanley Kubrick exhibit being held at the LACMA. They displayed all sorts of props, working scripts, clips from his films, etc… The exhibit was well done, but it’s not quite what inspired me to write this post. What inspired me was the man’s body of work. Going to see the exhibit was part of […]

The above sketches I did while in a meeting with a client   I recently saw this youtube video from Stephen Silver in a posting on Cartoon Brew. Stephen is a character designer on shows like Kim Possible and Danny Phantom, and brings up a very important point that will be obvious to many, but people working in the film […]

Hello and welcome to the new and improved Check back often as I slowly roll out updates, post new and updated demo reels, and hopefully begin to maintain a blog that will satisfy your inner filmmaker. Andrew

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