Shriek! Gillette


Shriek! Gillette

Over the past few months I have been incredibly busy, both in my professional career, as well as my personal life. So I have completely neglected to update this site with some work that has been published to the internet!

I’ll talk first about the most recent project. It’s a web commercial for Gillette, featuring international soccer players Messi and Federer. The spot was supervised by Filmworks Fx and their talented vfx Supervisor, Ken Locsmandi. The company did all of the fx, many of which are completely invisible, as well as the DI work.

My personal contribution to this job involves a full cg head replacement of a hockey player with that of Lionel Messi. Messi’s head was photographed extensively on set, helping an artist at Filmworks to build an accurate 3d model. I then took that textured model, rigged it and tracked it onto the original player’s head. With the proper lighting, shading and compositing, I was able to make a virtually flawless cg head replacement, which you’ll find at 1:13 in the edit. Take a look and enjoy!

The next project I’d like to talk about is S.H.R.I.E.K.

This web series was brought to my attention by Shaun Peterson, a talented director who I’ve worked with before. Premiering on the HUB network, it features a bunch of young adults hunting ghosts. It’s incredibly well done, and is the type of show that makes you realize that the web is now a credible place to premiere content. Sorry cable t.v.

I worked on episode 5, comping a demon child crawling up a wall, and an evil ghost being sucked out of the body of one of the characters. Somewhere in the series I also removed a logo off of a Winnebago, but that’s way less cool to talk about. Take a look below, and if you’re interested, check out the entire series while you’re at it!

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