Psalm 42


Psalm 42

It’s difficult in this day and age to make and maintain close, genuine friendships. It’s probably even harder to find someone that you gel with creatively. Someone who, over the course of almost ten years, you continue to be not only good friends with, but awesome creative partners.

I met Jeremy Shuback in college, and we became friends working on an animated short together. I slept on his couch when I moved to Los Angeles. We worked at Filmworks Fx together for probably three years, and tackled various freelance projects and creative endeavors on the side. (I may have shaved his head once for quirky video we did) We even developed an animated series and pitched it to various places around this fair city. (It was never picked up, but from now on I’m going to blame that on how incredibly close the concept is to the new Disney show Wander Over Yonder, and not the fact that we were incredibly inexperienced and unknown).

Almost a year ago, Jeremy started working for G-dcast which is basically the perfect job for him. And it’s good for me too, because he likes to hire me! So I would like to present to you all, the latest creative collaboration between me and Mr. Shuback. Enjoy!

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